Published: Monday, 08 May 2017

Asvotec brings new technology of centralized dust discharge valves, from Germany to Brazil

Through its technology partnership with the German company IMI Z&J GmbH, ASVOTEC brings to Brazil a new concept of Centralized Dust Discharge Valve, with a modern and robust concept.

Centralized Dust Discharge Valve

It is a product made and designed at ASVOTEC’s  factory in Monte Mor, delivering the maximum in robustness, longevity, technology and tightness. Refer to upper valve combination for controlled dust discharge and lower valve for secure locking.

This valve is manufactured in compact 2 in 1 model with materials that can resist to abrasion and corrosion, the upper valve has its long life expectancy. The concept of centralized discharge, eliminates the friction and the contact of the product with the walls of the casing, which historically reflects in the higher maintenance rates of plants with severe stops.

The discharge is absolutely controlled and dimensioned to the discharge’s volume. Its robust blades overlap and dosing the passage of the powder  at the same time that ensure the  product’s passage in the proper granulometry, while avoiding the passage of heavy particulates that may disrupt performance and block of lower valve.

The lower valve has the total blocking purpose, blocking the system after the end of the control of the powder’s discharge . Equipped with absolute and hermetic sealing of the process, provides greater agility in the pressurizing of the balloon after the activation.

This valve is similar to the equalization valve and furnaces top relief valves, widely diffused in steel mills.

Beyond the differentials mentioned, the Centralized Dust Discharge Valve, when in an open position, shifts from the flow ensuring the full product passage, preserving its components substantially increasing its  life expectancy due to the extremely low friction coefficient.

As an optional item, the valve can be equipped with nitrogen injection points to clean the valve seats, reducing maintenance and  ensuring 100% sealing.


Upper valve

- Centralized powder discharge through guides and overlapping blades.

- Efficient control of powder’s discharge.

- Components designed for long life cycle (abrasion and corrosion resistant).

Lower valve

- Internal components and decentralized articulations to the flow, ensuring long life cycles.

- Replaceable fixed and movable seats without the need to remove the valve from the line.